1. How To Install And Run Dalio

1.1 Download the installation file

Go to the homepage and click the download button that corresponds to your operating system.

1.2 Run the program you just downloaded

On macOs::

Open the Apple menu > System Preferences > Security & Privacy > General tab. Under Allow applications downloaded from select Anywhere:

Download and install the app. To launch the app simply Ctrl-click on its icon > Open.

On Windows:

In your default download folder, on your computer, you will find a Dalio.exe file. Double-click it to begin the installation process.

When prompted, confirm with YES.

1.3 Choose installation directory

If you don’t know what installation directory to select, just leave the default one. Click Install.

1.4 Click "Finish" to complete the installation procedure

1.5 Launch Dalio App

If you left “Run Dalio” option checked, Dalio will now start.
Otherwise, find the Dalio.exe icon on your Desktop and double-click it.
A third option is to go to the installation directory (default is C:\Program Files\Dalio) and find the Dalio.exe file there.