3.2 How To Connect Your Listings Manually

3.2.1 Click the Listings menu item

3.2.2 Click the + (Add Listing) sign

3.2.3 Enter the listing details and click Add Listing

Item Name – The name of the product, as it will appear in Dalio (you can write anything you want)

Sourcing platform– This is the marketplace you are buying the product from (Amazon, Walmart, AliExpress etc.)

Sourcing platform ID – This is the product`s unique identifier on that particular marketplace


Sourcing platform product URL – This is the URL of the product itself in the particular marketplace. If there are multiple product variations on a single page, make sure the URL you provide is the one of the variation you are targeting.

Selling platform – This is the marketplace you are selling to (Amazon, Ebay etc.)

Selling platform ID – For Amazon that is the ASIN of your corresponding listing and for Ebay that is the number sequence at the end of your listing`s URL

Selling platform product URL – The URL of the corresponding product listed in your Ebay or Amazon account

3.2.4 You can add variations, edit the listing, or delete it

3.2.5 Verify the listing is created in the Logs section