2.2 Connect Ebay

2.2.1 Click the Ebay icon corresponding to the marketplace you want to access in your Dashboard page

This will launch a Chrome browser and load the Ebay Seller Hub login page.

IMPORTANT: You need to log in separately for every marketplace you want to access

2.2.2 Sign in with your Ebay Seller Hub E-mail and Password

You have to sign in into the Chrome browser that just opened automatically from the app !

Make sure you tick the ‘Stay signed in’ option

Important: Dalio does not store your e-mail and password, it does not upload them to our servers and we do not have access to them.

2.2.3 After a successful login, the Ebay icon will have a green status

The Chrome browser will close itself automatically and Dalio will now have a green status icon next to the Ebay account on your Dashboard.

4. Click on the robot icon in order to automate the repricer.

The reprice percentage setting determines how much lower/higher the price will be set to, if needed. (this is only for testing purposes in the BETA version of Dalio)