Since October 2019, Dalio has launched and currently is in Beta testing phase. Here you can find more information about each Dalio update.

Version 0.1.36 (25/05/20)

Added: Users can now pause listings from being tracked by the repricer

Improved: Visual improvements in the listings page and listings table

Version 0.1.35 (24/05/20)

Added: The reprice formula can now accept a profit percentage and not just a fixed sum

Improved: Improved listings table design

Version 0.1.32 & 0.1.33 (23/04/20)

Added: Dalio will detect when a product has changed on Amazon, as sometimes products change retaining the same ASIN.

Added: Users can now set a maximum price for the repricer. Dalio will not reprice higher, if a maximum price is set.

Added: VidaXL is part of the supplier list now. Users can track products sold on VidaXL

Improved: Various UX and performance improvements

Version 0.1.31 (08/04/20)

Added: When an Amazon product is offered by multiple sellers, Dalio will choose the best offer by considering the time to deliver, price and condition of the product.

Fixed: Fixed a bug which prevented users logging in using their Dalio accounts

Version 0.1.28 & 0.1.29 (24/03/20)

Added: During Amazon price check, Dalio will be able to detect when a product is in stock but has extended delivery (will ship in over a week). Updates it to ‘Out of stock’.

Added: The Amazon price checker will also determine if the source product has changed, notifying the seller and marking it as ‘Out of stock’

Version 0.1.26 & 0.1.27 (10/03/20)

Improved: Overhauled code base improving app speed

Fixed: Amazon price checking accuracy bugs

Version 0.1.24 & 0.1.25 (06/02/20)

Improved: Various stability and bug fixes

Fixed: Amazon price checking accuracy bugs

Version 0.1.23 (30/01/20)

Improved: Amazon price checker algorithm

Added: ‘Snackbar’ notifications improving UX 

Version 0.1.22 (07/12/19)

Fixed: Core repricer bug with background browser

Fixed: Some users were unable to login in Ebay and Amazon

Version 0.1.21 (06/12/19)

Improved: Various performance fixes

Version 0.1.20 (04/12/19)

Added: Dalio now supports proxies. It will automatically pickup your system-wide proxy settings and ask for authentication credentials, if necessary.

Improved: Various other price-checker improvements.

Version 0.1.19 (29/11/19)

Added: Dalio now supports as a selling platform.

Added: The ability to sell at negative profit margins

Improved: Reprice logs are more detailed

Improved: Dalio now indicates when the next reprice run will be

Improved: Added some more improvements to the UI of Dalio

Improved: Price checker for Amazon supplier is more reliable and accurate

Version 0.1.18 (18/11/19)

Fixed: Logs showing wrong price when repricing a product variation

Fixed: Variations` images too large when viewing in the ‘Listings’ tab

Improved: Can no longer add duplicate listings

Version 0.1.17 (13/11/19)

Added: You can specify a minimum price for each listing and Dalio will not reprice under that amount. This is extremely handy when there is a sudden price drop at the source and will protect you from selling at a loss.

Improved: Dalio`s app window can now be resized and set to fullscreen.

Fixed: The logs` timestamps now work on a 24-hour format instead of the 12-hour format.

Version 0.1.16 (12/11/19)

Fixed: Logger saying that a product should be repriced, when in fact, it has already been repriced.

Version 0.1.15 (11/11/19)

Added: Home Depot has been added as a supplier.

Improved: Supplier price check performance boost

Fixed: Writing logs in the ‘Logs’ section that should not be written.

Version 0.1.14 (08/11/19)

Fixed: Amazon products price-checker does not add shipping price to Prime products.

Version 0.1.13 (07/11/19)

Fixed: Some Ebay stores did not synchronize if there was no ‘Custom Label’ field in the listings` table

Fixed: Amazon price checks now get the shipping price as well

Version 0.1.12 (07/11/19)

Fixed: Repricer stops working when migrating from version 0.1.10 to 0.1.11

Version 0.1.11 (06/11/19)

Fixed: The repricer algorithm can now be customized using many different variables such as : State Tax, Ebay fee, Amazon fee, Paypal fee etc.

Fixed: Bugs while repricing

Fixed: Ebay/Amazon logout not being responsive

Version 0.1.10 (31/10/19)

Added: Inventory management system where listings` prices are increased dramatically if the source product is out of stock.

Fixed: Amazon price checker correctly sources the price of listing with no buybox.

Fixed: Amazon price checker sources the correct prices for products from each marketplace (US, CA, GB, DE, FR, IT, ES)

Version 0.1.9 (29/10/19)

Added: The ability to specify a custom profit margin for each individual listing.

Added: A ‘Product info’ button for each listing. It opens an overview of the product`s data (buying price, selling price, gross profit, listing relationship and more)

Fixed: Updated app icons