Since October 2019, Dalio has launched and we have kept adding new features for our beloved users. Here you can find more information about each Dalio update.

Version 1.0.0 (03/10/20)

Introduced Dalio`s order fulfillment system.

Users can now sync their eBay orders and order them from their Amazon account.

Tracking conversion to Bluecare Express and upload is also added.

Leaving feedback is also easy with a single click of a button.

Version 0.1.60 (25/09/20)

Fixed: Amazon movie collection products not getting price properly

Improved: eBay repricer and Amazon price checker waiting time to minimize browser detection

Added: PC`s prevented from going to sleep mode in order not to stop Dalio`s work

Version 0.1.58 & 0.1.59 (07/09/20)

Fixed: Amazon price cheks crashing background browser due to blocking tracker scripts

Improved: Logging has been extended

Improved: Streamlined date formats across function

Version 0.1.56 & 0.1.57 (29/08/20)

Added: Ebay product watchers, page visits and sales added to listings table and will be refreshed regularly

Improved: Ebay listings will be resynced automatically every 6 hours to prevent mismatches between eBay listed products and the ones in Dalio`s database

Improved: Updated Chromium browser to latest version and improved bot tracking evasion

Fixed: Bug with duplicate database columns

Version 0.1.54 & 0.1.55 (17/08/20)

Fixed: Fixed incorrect price checking when a comma is present as a thousands delimiter.

Improved: Performance gains while price checking by reducing CPU usage.

Version 0.1.52 & 0.1.53 (15/08/20)

Added: A breakdown of each tax and fee after price formula update. Users can now see exactly how much profit they will make and how much will be paid in fees to PayPal and eBay.

Improved: The eBay repricer action algorithm for performance.

Improved: Overhauled and improved the repricer formula calculation for US dropshippers


Version 0.1.51 (10/08/20)

Added: The ability to force listings OUT OF STOCK

Added: The ability to manually initiate a price check for individual listings

Added: An inventory manager setting, which allows to set a similarity percentage for Amazon listings. Amazon often keeps the same ASIN whilst changing the product itself. On the first price check, Dalio will save the listings title and will compare it to the title of every subsequent price check. If a similarity below a specified percentage is detected, Dalio will mark the listing as changed and will take it OUT OF STOCK.

Improved: Improved Amazon`s price checking accuracy.


Version 0.1.50 (04/08/20)

Improved: Added a stricter title comparison check for Amazon listings with two levels of variations. If Dalio detects a title change on these products, it will mark them as ‘OUT OF STOCK’, until the title changes back to the original or is reset by the user. Helpful for certain cases where Amazon automatically redirects you to another available variation if the one you are looking for is ‘OUT OF STOCK’.

Version 0.1.49 (15/07/20)

Added: Support for Ebay MOTORS products. They can now be synchronised and repriced .

Added: Actions tracker that shows when Dalio is checking prices or repricing your eBay store.

Fixed: Amazon price checker can now fetch prices of different book item templates`.

Improved: Listing logs will be automatically deleted if they are older than 5 days.

Version 0.1.48 (10/07/20)

Added: Backup/Restore functionality. This is not only helpful when creating backups, but also when switching computers.

Fixed: Some listing logs appear as read if they do not announce a change in the listing`s state, therefore, minimising the unread logs counter entries

Version 0.1.47 (05/07/20)

Added: Each listing now has a timeline of logs, which is beneficial when tracking product change history

Fixed: Fixed a bug at Amazon price check, where the most suitable offer was not recognized

Improved: Various stability improvements

Version 0.1.46 (26/06/20)

Added: The ability to set Dalio to automatically start at system startup

Improved: Fixed minor ebay repricer bugs and improved overall stability

Improved: Rearranged the listings table layout, making it more compact and informative (more improvements to follow)

Version 0.1.45 (21/06/20)

Added: Added support for as a selling platform

Version 0.1.42 (13/06/20)

Fixed: Fixed a bug where users could not set maximum inventory of 1 for a product.

Fixed: Fixed a bug on the ‘Edit Listing’ page where settings could not be changed properly

Version 0.1.40 & 0.1.41 (11/06/20)

Added: Inventory manager for your eBay products. Users can now specify lower and higher quantity threshold for their products which will be enforced by Dalio. Users can also choose what action Dalio should take with OUT OF STOCK products (no action, raise their price multiple times or set their quantity to 0)

Version 0.1.37 & 0.1.38 & 0.1.39 (30/05/20)

Added: Users selling in Europe can now add VAT percentage into their formulas

Fixed: Fixed an Amazon price checker bug

Version 0.1.36 (25/05/20)

Added: Users can now pause listings from being tracked by the repricer

Improved: Visual improvements in the listings page and listings table

Version 0.1.35 (24/05/20)

Added: The reprice formula can now accept a profit percentage and not just a fixed sum

Improved: Improved listings table design

Version 0.1.32 & 0.1.33 (23/04/20)

Added: Dalio will detect when a product has changed on Amazon, as sometimes products change retaining the same ASIN.

Added: Users can now set a maximum price for the repricer. Dalio will not reprice higher, if a maximum price is set.

Added: VidaXL is part of the supplier list now. Users can track products sold on VidaXL

Improved: Various UX and performance improvements

Version 0.1.31 (08/04/20)

Added: When an Amazon product is offered by multiple sellers, Dalio will choose the best offer by considering the time to deliver, price and condition of the product.

Fixed: Fixed a bug which prevented users logging in using their Dalio accounts

Version 0.1.28 & 0.1.29 (24/03/20)

Added: During Amazon price check, Dalio will be able to detect when a product is in stock but has extended delivery (will ship in over a week). Updates it to ‘Out of stock’.

Added: The Amazon price checker will also determine if the source product has changed, notifying the seller and marking it as ‘Out of stock’

Version 0.1.26 & 0.1.27 (10/03/20)

Improved: Overhauled code base improving app speed

Fixed: Amazon price checking accuracy bugs

Version 0.1.24 & 0.1.25 (06/02/20)

Improved: Various stability and bug fixes

Fixed: Amazon price checking accuracy bugs

Version 0.1.23 (30/01/20)

Improved: Amazon price checker algorithm

Added: ‘Snackbar’ notifications improving UX 

Version 0.1.22 (07/12/19)

Fixed: Core repricer bug with background browser

Fixed: Some users were unable to login in Ebay and Amazon

Version 0.1.21 (06/12/19)

Improved: Various performance fixes

Version 0.1.20 (04/12/19)

Added: Dalio now supports proxies. It will automatically pickup your system-wide proxy settings and ask for authentication credentials, if necessary.

Improved: Various other price-checker improvements.

Version 0.1.19 (29/11/19)

Added: Dalio now supports as a selling platform.

Added: The ability to sell at negative profit margins

Improved: Reprice logs are more detailed

Improved: Dalio now indicates when the next reprice run will be

Improved: Added some more improvements to the UI of Dalio

Improved: Price checker for Amazon supplier is more reliable and accurate

Version 0.1.18 (18/11/19)

Fixed: Logs showing wrong price when repricing a product variation

Fixed: Variations` images too large when viewing in the ‘Listings’ tab

Improved: Can no longer add duplicate listings

Version 0.1.17 (13/11/19)

Added: You can specify a minimum price for each listing and Dalio will not reprice under that amount. This is extremely handy when there is a sudden price drop at the source and will protect you from selling at a loss.

Improved: Dalio`s app window can now be resized and set to fullscreen.

Fixed: The logs` timestamps now work on a 24-hour format instead of the 12-hour format.

Version 0.1.16 (12/11/19)

Fixed: Logger saying that a product should be repriced, when in fact, it has already been repriced.

Version 0.1.15 (11/11/19)

Added: Home Depot has been added as a supplier.

Improved: Supplier price check performance boost

Fixed: Writing logs in the ‘Logs’ section that should not be written.

Version 0.1.14 (08/11/19)

Fixed: Amazon products price-checker does not add shipping price to Prime products.

Version 0.1.13 (07/11/19)

Fixed: Some Ebay stores did not synchronize if there was no ‘Custom Label’ field in the listings` table

Fixed: Amazon price checks now get the shipping price as well

Version 0.1.12 (07/11/19)

Fixed: Repricer stops working when migrating from version 0.1.10 to 0.1.11

Version 0.1.11 (06/11/19)

Fixed: The repricer algorithm can now be customized using many different variables such as : State Tax, Ebay fee, Amazon fee, Paypal fee etc.

Fixed: Bugs while repricing

Fixed: Ebay/Amazon logout not being responsive

Version 0.1.10 (31/10/19)

Added: Inventory management system where listings` prices are increased dramatically if the source product is out of stock.

Fixed: Amazon price checker correctly sources the price of listing with no buybox.

Fixed: Amazon price checker sources the correct prices for products from each marketplace (US, CA, GB, DE, FR, IT, ES)

Version 0.1.9 (29/10/19)

Added: The ability to specify a custom profit margin for each individual listing.

Added: A ‘Product info’ button for each listing. It opens an overview of the product`s data (buying price, selling price, gross profit, listing relationship and more)

Fixed: Updated app icons