Smart Price and Inventory Manager For Ebay Dropshippers

Sell more. Own the Buy Box. Dalio uses machine learning and smart algorithms to optimize your pricing strategy.

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DALIO Does Not Use API

Our software works on your local computer, simulating normal browsing operations. It does not connect to eBay/Amazon servers through their Application Programming Interface (API) and is thus undetectable and untraceable.

Dalio supports Amazon, eBay, Walmart, AliExpress, Home Depot, VidaXL and more.

If you do not see your marketplace, send us a message, we will happily add it for you.
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  • Remote Control with AnyDesk or TeamViewer
  • 100% Undetectable by eBay
  • Runs entirely in the background.
  • Has it's own browser inside, does not interfere with your browsing.
dalio repricer auto order

Grow your business With Automated Repricing

Customize your pricing strategies by setting minimum and maximum prices for each listing

Dalio goes beyond simply raising and lowering prices

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  • Create your own customized repricing strategies or use our AI-powered algorithms
  • View metrics that give insight into how your strategies are performing over time
  • No limits on the amount of strategies you can create

Want to customize your own repricing strategy?

Every plan includes our Build Your Own strategy option so you can control exactly who you’d like to compete against and how you want to be repriced.

Customize your repricer formula

Profit-based pricing strategies ensure that you’re always making an ideal profit on a sale

Custom Repricer Formula For individual listings

You set the right repricing formula either on a global level or just for a single listing. Each listing is different, so do not lose on your profit.

Set a minimum and a maximum price

You can set a minimum price and Dalio will never go below it. It is a good safety features for sudden price fluctuations, which might result in selling at a loss. On the other hand, a maximum price will limit Dalio from going above it.

Choose the best offer

If there are multiple product sellers, Dalio will select the BEST product, that will be delivered in the shortest amount of time with the best product condition

Catch extended Amazon deliveries

Dalio has the superpower of catching products that will take more than 7 days to deliver and marks them as out of stock.

Detect changed products

Very often Amazon changes a product but keeps the same ASIN. Dalio has the superpower to detect when a product has changed, so you can adapt your listings accordingly.

Dalio Repricer

The price you will pay for each listing above your 100 free listings quota
$ 0.05 per listing, per month
  • Highest Value For Money
  • No API
  • Works Locally On Your Computer
  • Advanced Repricing Algorithms

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